Wednesday, February 20, 2008


He’s away again

Doing what he knows best

Am surprised that he called just to wish me the wish

A wish that he always missed

How time flies

It has been 10 years

Though it was sometimes tough

The happiness that you gave erased it all….

Love you Abang.

Happy 10th Anniversary.

This song is for you – Bubly by Colbie Caillat.


stila said...

congratulations! on your you we just celebrate our 9th anniversary with full of colour. So far we always forgotten our time but this year is belong to us. I just realize my husband is still a guy that i know 10 years ago..never change only tight schedule with daily committment make us change and every time excuses.

EFFA YUSOF said...

Hi Kak Ju, its good to hear that you're back. Where do you live now? I'm back in KL. Still trying to manage my time doing all the chores, jadik 'supir',raising up my kids (especially with our new baby)and hubby as well. What a busy months....

ween said...

Salam ju, Happy 10th Anniversary!!

Semoga kebahagiaan berkekalan didunia dan akhirat :)

ibuyasmin&danish said...

Wow 10yrs!!! Gongratulation :D

een said...

salam kenal..
monster mom..mmg catchy name tuh.nice blog..
hepi 10th anniversary!!
greeting from perth

KAMATO said...

happy anniversary

Titicaca said...

kongrats! kongrats! semoga aman bahgia dunia akhirat...