Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last Friday, my parents brought me and the kids to a kopitiam situated in a place which used to be my school, St Nicholas Convent, Alor Setar. As soon as we entered the school gate, I was transformed into my own world. I saw girls running around and giggling to each other when all of a sudden, Miss Mak, our headmistress appeared out of nowhere. When the school bell rang, we would then head to our classrooms and enjoy being an SNC girl....

I was awaken from my dream when my son started pulling my blouse. Grrrr...

That place was a hit! It was packed and you can order from nasi goreng to chicken chop. I was still skeptic of the place but after tasting my dad's meal, I didn't even talk but concentrated on tasting what had been ordered for others. My favourite was KCK. Apparently, when they started the place a gentleman ordered a dish which was not on their menu and he taught them how to prepare it. He was chief of the special branch (Ketua Cawangan Khas).

A combination of 5 classrooms

This is not KCK but my dad's special order. A combination of three dishes.

The school field

My form three classroom


It was a mixed feeling of surprised, excited, sad and happy. I wish all of my schoolmates could gather here again, having breakfast in honor of our beloved SNC.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cuts like a knife

Yesterday afternoon, while waiting for Iman and Nana at school, I noticed a group of kids playing happily. It brought back sweet memories of yesteryears. They were teasing, running and poking each other like any normal boys will do.

I looked harder and to my horror they were actually playing with a knife. Almost all of them, had a knife. I told them nicely that it was not a good idea to play around with that kind of thing. They replied that it was just a toy knife and demonstrated to me how it worked.

Looks just like a kitchen knife, isn't it? Only it was plastic.

Then, if you stab it to your friend, the blade will dissapear into the handle.

For them, it's all about magic and fun. For me, it is danger. They bought it from a toy shop nearby. How could this happen? By letting them play around with this, we are telling them that it is okay... It is not okay. I'm just so worried.

Earlier today, I went to KPDNHEP to file a complaint but to no avail. They told me that anybody could be selling those and it is not under their jurisdiction to act.... I was told to go to a police station or CAP. Well, I don't think the police will be interested in this...

Then, I searched for the shop and found out that it is sold for RM0.80 only.

How about that!


I received an email from CAP regarding this matter. Below are the reply.

Salam sejahtera dari kami di Persatuan Pengguna Pulau Pinang.

Kami merujuk kepada aduan Puan berhubung dengan perkara di atas. Adalah sedia maklum bahawa perkara ini sememangnya telah pun dirujuk kepada pihak kementerian berkenaan dan polis diraja malaysia sejak tahun 1990 lagi. Ini bukan kali pertama kami pihak kami menerima aduan sedemikian dan untuk menanganinya memerlukan komitmen pelbagai agensi kerajaan yang pada masa sekarang dalam satu proses pengubalan undang-undang bagi menangani isu yang semakin melarat ini.

Pihak kami amat menghargai keprihatinan pihak Puan terhadap isu ini dan pihak kami akan terus perhatian dan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya terhadap aduan Puan. Sekian terima kasih.

Yang benar

Ganesan Sivalingam
Pegawai Penyelidikan
Persatuan Pengguna Pulau Pinang

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Friends Forever

I got a message from Wan. She wanted to meet me. Back in 1984 we were classmates of Standard 5 Kekwa. I called her today and that was the first time we spoke to each other in 14 years. It was awkward.

She came to my house and we met. We clicked instantly. I can still remember how she smiled seeing my collection of our school days photos. We talked like there's no tomorrow.

Friends forever. Thank you Wan Teh!

It was only after she drove off that I remembered to grab my camera. Obviously it was too late but then again I know that we'll meet again since she's teaching nearby....