Monday, June 19, 2006

Aloq Staq

Hubby managed to squeeze in our “balik kampung” trip to Kedah in his so called “BZ” schedule. First stop, my grandmother’s house in Guar Chempedak, Gurun. I lived with my Tok Nab when I was 6 till 10 yrs old. Tok Nab still cooks the best gulai and nasik goreng. Tok Nab prepared a room for us with the “seghon” (kelambu) already in place. Reminiscence of childhood days haunts me to sleep.

Next morning, we were served with my favourite “manggis kat belakang rumah tok”. Pak Lon (my uncle) managed to climb the tree after so many years just to treat us. How sweet !!!

While mama was brushing back her skill in “kupaih buah nyiok”, I managed to grab some more manggis. Yummy!!!

Later we ( my parents, Pak Lang n family, PakJang
n family, Pak Nd
ak n family and us ) decided to go for a picnic at titi serong, Yan. It’s a nice waterfall and we had a lovely picnic. The kids had so much fun in the water though it was so cold.
Imagine having lunch ( tok’s cooking ) after a splash in the water. Yummy some more !

On the way back to Guar Chempedak, we drove pass my old school, Sek Keb Langkasuka, Yan. That’s were I went to school when I lived with my Tok Nab. Those were the days when I really enjoyed my school days. The games I used to play were “zero point” and “batu tujuh”. I wonder where my long lost friends could be doing now – Julie, Zeti, Hanida, Juriah. It was Yesterday Once More…..

Padang besar, here we come ! People may say that I’m a cheapskate but what the heck. The view to Padang Besar was spectacular. We passed thru acres and acres of “ladang tebu”. It was an hour journey. Upon reaching there we went separate ways. Hubby looked for his jeans/shirt shop while I went looking around for some handbag, tudung, pants, shoes and blouse. The kids were just happy enough to play with bubbles with tok wan and tok mak around the court yard area. In the end, everybody was happy. Hubby got his jeans n shirts, me got a handbag, corduroy, blouse and some clothes for the kids, Iman got a police toy set, Nana got her bunnies n dolls…some more, Atif got his golf set, Mama bought cheap n delicious durian while papa bought another orchids to add to his collections. Believe it or not we got most of the stuff cheaper by 50 % compared to KL prices. The next day, off to KL.

Aloq Staq, I’ll be back.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Holiday news

We said hello to Atuk in Sepang. Apparently he had gone back to his “tebang pisang n kemas kebun” just two weeks after his stay at IJN. We cannot say anything. He’s just so damn hard core son of a gun………hahaha… as long as he’s happy, its ok. Hope he’s not overdoing it.

Out of boredom, hubby n me tried our skill at declaring war with “nyamuk”. This time we were not that lucky. We only managed to kill a few. Our record is about 50. Will try again the next time we cross each others’ path. So long…. Suckerrrrrrrrrrr……

Sadly, yesterday we sold our Avanza. She had contributed so much to us. Nevertheless, life goes on. All the best with your new family. Sob! Sob! Will get another Toyota in the near future. Hmmm….

Was practicing netball few days ago when suddenly *&^%%^^%&*. Feel on my face…flat on the court. OUCH!!! Luckily I’m still pretty… its just my mouth. Its gonna be fine in a few more days. Can't smile that wide now though…ohhhh… still hurts.