Friday, December 28, 2007

My Friends and I

Enough about the kids. This time around, it's just gonna be about me and me only. Here are some pics of me and my friends at hubby's graduation ball....

What a night!

I'll miss the times we spent together even though it was just for a short period of time. The one year journey was spectacular. For me, it was one helluva a year of holiday!!!!

Where's hubby? You ask him.....

Iman and Nana - Last day of school

Iman and Nana : It's not fair! Where's our story Ibu? You only did Atief's last day of school!!!

Ibu: Ok!Ok!

Still after one week, no entry was made....and again, the same remark!!! I'd better do it now or they'll start nagging at me ......

This is Iman with Rory (left) and Angus (right). To my surprise, Rory cried his heart out for he was so sad about Iman leaving the school. Iman is missing them everyday....

From left: Iman, Ms Groves, Dayanna, Mrs De Souza

They were showing the teachers where Malaysia is.....

Last pose at their play area

Iman and Nicholas hugging each other

It is so obvious that they are missing their school. Iman and Dayanna kept reminding me of their school days in Chapman Primary School, how they played and learn with their friends. As a mom, I'll always be a good listener no matter how many times the same story were told.....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Last Day of School - ATIEF

I'm back in Malaysia. How nice it is to be here...the smell, the colours, the ambiance and not forgetting the busy streets of KL!

We are already missing Canberra. Atief, Nana and Iman missed their school and friends so much. These are some pics of Atief's last day at school.

Hanging his bag at the usual place

Atief and Mrs Mc Cotter

He's "helping" Mrs Cotter opening her farewell present

He's again "helping" Mrs Hall with her present as well!!

Ibu and Ayah joining the class photo.

Dearest Mrs Mc Cotter, Mrs Hall and friends,

Thank you for the lovely time in Weston Pre School. Atief has learned a lot from all of you. He's missing the News Session and fruit time! Have a lovely holiday and Happy New Year from all of us here in Malaysia.

Monday, December 03, 2007

BBQ and Fete

Chapman School organised their fete three weeks ago and my friends and I decided to join in and sell Asian food to raise funds for the school. We prepared fried rice, fried noodle, tomyum, fried chicken and es teler (indonesian drink). The stall was so popular that everything were sold out by the first hour!

I know that now, I can always look back at the times that I spent while I was there with smiling heart....

Farewell Lunch at Chapman School

My kids' school organised a farewell lunch on Nov, 15th for all the parents who are going away next year . Most of us came and fortunately our husbands were given the permission to attend it too..
The kids are all excited about it and each of us cooked our own traditional food. The kids had learned so much from this school. I can't describe how fortunate we are to have all the dedicated and passionate teachers guiding and loving the kids....
Too bad we have to go but my kids are already missing their friends and teachers...