Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He won, they won

He did it in Monte Carlo and to put icing on the cake, he beat the Rog!

"I was just thinking to try and lose the set 6-2, not 6-0, and go for a third set with good feelings," said Nadal. - This is the meaning of a true fighter. Never say die attitude which apparently lacking in our badminton players....

He even managed to win the doubles!

Well, bend down baby, bend down.....


Man U did what they did best. They kicked Barca's ass!!!!
Deco claimed that United will be full of fear as just one Barca goal will leave their European Cup final dreams in tatters.
Tatters my foot!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yeah rite!

And he missed the penalty...



Monday, April 14, 2008

OMG!!!! The Augusta Masters is on.... I'd better watch my Astro now before hubby gets back and switch to his Golf Channel.... I thought of locking the channel but ...hihihi..

What is so good about golf anyway? Is it a sport? Anyone who has a stick can play golf...even if you are 9 months pregnant! Gosh... Anyway, let me tell you about this new happening club.

In Europe, it is Wives and Girlfriends (WAG) for football players. Posh Spice is still one of them where all they do is shopping, shopping and more shopping.I would like to start a new club which coincidently is WAG as well but rather different in its meaning. It is Wives Against Golf club. I’m not totally against golf but I just think that it is a silly, tiring, boring, time consuming and cost-money game. Why in the world would you hit a small ball and then go searching for it just to hit it over and over again till it gets into a small hole? Winston Churchill once described golf as “…a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.” I can’t agree with you more, Churchill!

If you want to be in the WAG club, rules are:-

1. Your husband must play golf.
2. You don’t play golf.

It is as simple as that.

What I know best about golf is Tiger Woods. He is a legend. His 2007 PGA Tour money list is $4,274,091. He earned almost $12 million in prize money in 2005 and another $75 million off the course to increase his career income to more than a half-billion dollars. In little more than nine seasons as a professional, Woods has earned $66 million in prize money worldwide, some of it as unofficial earnings. Assuming Woods continues on the same earnings trajectory, Golf Digest projects that Woods will reach the $1 billion mark in career earnings by the end of 2010.

The money is so tempting and so I decided to continue my son’s golf lessons. Who knows in 10 years time he wants (or forced by me) to turn pro and starts earning more than I or hubby could have in our entire life? I’m not asking him to be Tiger Woods but KJ Choi perhaps? I tried to persuade hubby to let me try the game but sadly it fell on deaf ears. I know I could be an average golfer considering my all-rounder talent….Ehm…

Nevertheless, to all women out there, you are welcome to join me at my self-made WAG club. What we do is just bitching around.... But then again, Iman dearest, just show me the money!! (imagine Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire).

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

2 + 2

Two bad news:

1. Malaysian double badminton team lost to China in India recently. They were so determined in the first half but lost everything in the second and rubber sets. They still lack the confidence and I’m still skeptic with their attitude….

2. Nadal lost again. Damnnnn…

Two good news:

1. Ferrari wins in Bahrain which ended Massa’s misfortunes in the first two races. Although Kimi got second, he still maintained his super-cool face which to me is expressionless…

2. Man U won and and they’ll be waiting anxiously for Roma to come for the 2nd leg in Manchester…hahaha..

It all started when my father brought me to Darulaman Stadium to watch Hijau Kuning play. I will always ask him to get me the VIP ticket so that I could watch the players walkout from the dressing room and browse some of the cute guys. I even dated one of them but it only lasted one date for he respected my father too much to carry on with the puppy love. Ahaks!!
Mind you this was ages ago…

Now, I’m sorry to say that Malaysian football is a disgrace to watch. It’s all about politics and the passion is somehow or rather gone with the wind. I’d rather stick to EPL and FA Cup. No hanky panky.. just purely football!

I really hope MU will go on to win the Champions League. This legacy of supporting MU has and is still passed on for generations from my Papa to my uncles and now me. I’m trying to coax my son to accept the burden of being another MU supporter but to no avail. Hubby proved to be a strong challenger since he is an ABU (anything but united) fan. I won’t give up till the fat lady sings though… I’m hoping for MU to win to strenghten the case but kids nowadays have their own set of preference....

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Monstermom is back !

Life’s been quite hard these past few months but I tried my very best to charge my brain with few tennis and football matches. I was glued in front of the tv last month for the Australian Open and am glad that I did even though it was at the expense of my kids. They complained to hubby that they were not allowed to play outside. No way! Not without my supervision.

Iman : How about today Ibu! Can we go cycling?

Ibu : Sorry, Nadal is playing and Justine will be up next. For your information, we won’t go anywhere for the rest of this week and next week since Australia Open is going to the 3rd round and all my favourite players are still in the game.

Iman : If that’s the case, can Nana and me play badminton in front of the house? Keep the door open so you could see us while we play… please..please

Ibu : I can’t do that! Look what hapenned to Sharlini.. do you want to be kidnapped like her?

Iman : No..

Ibu : In that case, you’ll have to play inside this house. There are lots of things that I bought to keep you, Nana and Atief entertained for the rest of the week…or even your entire life. ( I was holding myself not to smile…it was so hard!)

Iman : This is not fair! You can’t do this to us!

Ibu : Watch me!

Iman : I’m telling Ayah about this.

Ibu : I think you’d better save your voice Iman. You know how much your Ayah likes to watch tennis with me….HAHAHAHA!!!!

Iman : You are so mean! I’m calling TokMak and Tok Wan!

You must think I’m a bad mother….
Nadal lost…hhmmm….
I am a Monstermom….

p/s - Sony Ericsson Open is going to the semis..... Muahahaha!!! And this time Nadal is still alive and kicking baby!