Wednesday, February 20, 2008


He’s away again

Doing what he knows best

Am surprised that he called just to wish me the wish

A wish that he always missed

How time flies

It has been 10 years

Though it was sometimes tough

The happiness that you gave erased it all….

Love you Abang.

Happy 10th Anniversary.

This song is for you – Bubly by Colbie Caillat.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Love is in the air

I should be happy. I must be feeling happy. I know that I’m happy but am I really happy? Honestly? I don’t know.

For the past 3 months it had been such a roller coaster ride. Things that I never thought I’d feel, I felt. In three months, I was from being happy, thrilled, excited, afraid, appalled, out-of-breath, sad, sentimental, happy again, relaxed, gay, panicked, cautious, angry, tensed, excited, surprised, can’t-sleep-for-a-whole-night to confused and still am…..

Most of the time, I used to think that doing the house chores is my responsibility and I’ll do it no matter how I felt. Sometimes it was such a burden. At times it was just another chore. Whatever happens, I’ll have to do it….

While I was ironing last night, I kept thinking about the fuss of lover’s day that was celebrated on the Feb 14th. It was all over the radio and tv. It brought me to think of the love that I have inside me….

For the first time in months, I ironed the clothes with LOVE. Every wrinkle was ironed with LOVE. I praised God for all the love that I have to my family. I thanked God that I still have the love inside me now and it made me realised that I don’t need a special day to celebrate love. I can do it any time I want…..

Now I feel love…….

Happy birthday Mama!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A letter to a friend


How's life going over there. Our life is still on the run all the time. Moving places...all over again!

When we got back from OZland in mid Dec last year, we were only "directed" to go to Butterworth just 3 days before school season starts! Imagine the hassle!!!! So we got this house, quite small with only 3 rooms n 1 bathroom, to serve as a transit house until I could find another suitable house. Last two week, I found quite a comfortable house and we decided to move out and as usual I was assigned by the royal highness "Hubby" to clean n prepare the house..hmm..

Luckily I found an agency which provides maid on an hourly basis...RM5 per hour!!!! They still have those kind of services with that kind of price!!!! I immediately book them to clean the new house....hehehe... n paid RM40 for 4 hours of their sweat! Puh...lega nya I... And when Hubby came back, I was happily telling him about our new house..and wants him to arrange for the transportation. He just kept quite and told me to sit down for another news....

Now Hubby has to move to KL!!!!!! Imagine the frustration on my face. Our things just arrived from OZ n I've arranged the new house n the kids had just settled in their new school... Gosh! I felt like screaming..or kicking somebody on the BUTT!

And so, now, we can't move till he's sure about the transfer...whether we can stay here or follow him... I don't know...
Now we are stuck in this "box house". Everything is still not sure... have to wait for the meeting... which god knows when...

Luckily my parents are nearby. Almost every weekend, we'll go back to Alor Setar...

Till then, miss u!