Sunday, August 20, 2006

What EPL?

It all started when my father brought me to Darulaman Stadium to watch Hijau Kuning play. I will always ask him to get me the VIP ticket so that I could watch the players come out from the dressing room and browse some of the cute guys…hehe… I even dated one of them but it only lasted one date for he respected my father too much to carry on with the cinta kucing. Ahaks…

Now, I’m sorry to say that Malaysian football is a disgrace to watch. Its all about politics and the passion is somehow or rather gone with the wind.

Finally the EPL is back. Yesterday we planned our outing so that we’d have the chance to watch the much awaited EPL. Though my team (Man U) will be playing tonite, hubby was eager to watch how his ARSenal performs with their infamous world cup rookie, Theo Walcott, against Villa.

Dah lama aku tak mendengar sumpah seranah yang sekian lama terpendam dlm hati laki aku nih….Mak oi.. berbakul-bakul keluar. Especially when all Villa players were in the box….just defending after their 1 goal lead…hahaha….

P*n***, F****** H**, B***, Bang*** etc….

Now, he’s back to normal again….

Bye World Cup, welcome back EPL.

p/s- how do I come to support Man U? Well, it’s just a tradition passed along in my family from my tokdin to my papa and to my uncles. To make matters worse I was forced to study in Manchester (I’d prefer London but who am I to say) by Papa so that he’ll have the chance to visit Old Trafford when he comes for my graduation. Well planned Papa!. That was the time when Eric Cantona dominated the EPL with his after goal scoring French Bast*** pose. Lurv him lurv him…..

Monday, August 07, 2006

Unofficial Homemaker’s Leave

It all started badly on Friday when Hubby will be away till Wednesday leaving me with the kids… as usual. Then there was this phone call that changed the whole gloomy and boring day. Mama n Papa nak mai ni…..kami sampai haghi Sabtu… malam kot!!!Yeeehaaa !!

As expected, they agreed to baby sit the kids on Sunday. Alhamdulillah. I was presented with a one day leave…..after months of 24-7 job. As such, I agreed to join my resident association’s netball team competing in MPSJ Netball tournament.

6.30 am – Woke up with a big smile. Stared at my jersey ( got beckham’s number…haha…) for about 2 mins to freshen up my sleepy eyes….here we go.

We reached MPSJ at 8ish, jogged around the track and joined the aerobics halfway. We were in Group B and played 7 tiring games. We managed to win the first three games but lost the rest. For the record, all of us are “mak - mak orang” while the other teams mostly had some import players which are either school girls or state/professional players!! They were so fast we just couldn’t match their pace and stamina. All in all, it was fun. I enjoyed myself but only one small thing, the sunburn!!!!

I went back at 2ish. Rested for awhile and went out again to feed my singing stomach with Char Kuey Teow.

The headache that I felt since the third game prompted me to visit a hair salon for a quick hair wash. It was so refreshing!

Next stop was Jusco.

After a minor shopping, I wandered around and almost forgot the ache all over my body as a result of too much “gedik”. By 7pm, I just couldn’t take it. Balik!!

Hubby called to remind me of Formula 1. We were practically laughing on the phone when Alonso had to quit the race while he was leading. Unfortunately Schuey follow suit when it was just 3 laps to go.

At 10.30ish Mama wanted to watch Gon & Gincu!!! Biaq betoi ni…
My brother was a Pak Pacak in the prison cell scene.
No wonder….
Another actor in the making…..
Uwek! Uwek! Geli


I need more ice-cream.

I really cherished the time that I had for myself. It’s a recharge, if I may say so…..
Today, life will be back to normal.