Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tanglung Festival in Bukit Jalil

Last week we went to Tanglung Festival in Bukit Jalil. We had so much fun. Entry fee was just RM5 per person but what you experienced in there was worth it. I was stunned by the 100m long dragon made from pottery. Then there was the Twin Tower from tiny bottles. I wonder the time required to assemble those things….

Fortunately we found a play area for the kids. All these replicas made them restless. They enjoyed jumping, bouncing and running on the big balloon. I actually wanted to join them

but no adults are allowed. WAAAA…!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

To yell or not to yell... or just scream....

Kids. One minute they melt your heart, the next thing you know they are jumping on your bed while munching some biscuits. Argh…..!!!

Let’s concentrate on the first one, Iman. I guess his name does carry its own weight. The truth, I must be beriman enough to let an hour pass by without getting mad at him, let alone scream or pinch him.

Yep… it’s not an understatement whatsoever. This had been approved by friends and family. I’m confused. I did overreacted a few times. By then, it’s too late to feel sorry. Pity him. But then again he really tests my patience. I do love him… so much it makes me cry…

I’ve tried all sorts of tactics. It hardly works. Only one thing…. Screammmm…. So that he’ll know that I’m serious. You can call him hyperactive but he’s smart and always cunning. He’s so much into computer games. What should I do? I’m tired of all this screaming and yelling and stuff. I want him to listen to me… obey me as his mother. Is it too much to ask?

He’s just a 7 year old boy who needs attention. Maybe he doesn’t get enough for his sister is just a year younger. What about his needs? I’m trying very best to understand him. The more I tried the harder it gets. Am I a bad mother? Is it normal to feel this way towards him? Whatever happens, he’s still my boy. I’m proud of him, no doubt about that. I know it’ll take years to come before he’ll settle down.