Friday, September 22, 2006


With my kids, never ever mention if you want to bring them somewhere or if someone’s coming IN ADVANCE! They’ll keep asking. When, bila, dah pukul brapa ni ibu, lambat lagi ke? ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! When the time comes, let’s go kids. When I just couldn’t take it anymore, I’ll warn them, “Jangan bagi Ibu naik angin!!!” Iman will say “Ibu, Ustaz cakap kalau kita banyak angin, kena kentut, mesti angin kurang. Ibu kenala kentut banyak sikit, nanti Ibu tak marah Iman”. Hmmm… kureng asem…!!!!! Should I marah or just senyum kambing.

Hubby did mention about me being a monster-mom in one of his entry. Come to think of it…He’s right. When it comes to yelling and getting angry with the kids, I think even Pontianak will surrender…muahaha.a…….

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Anti-“WatUWanniToBe” Pill

Mary Schneider (The Star columnist – But Then Again) wrote about a pill that was created to combat stupidity. She too lamented on how useful this pill would be to our MPs and politicians (nopunsintended) or even us. As for now those scientists are still doing some research and it and may be available to us in the near future. Then someone else will try to invent another…

I would think Anti-Clumsy pill will be suitable for me. Why? Every now and then I will hurt myself (of course unintentionally) be it while walking, cooking or even standing…. There will always be a “lebam” and usually on my legs. Imagine if I do some sport activities… Yeap, I’ve tripped by my own leg…and…gedebuk! You can read about it here. I think hubby will totally agree….or maybe he has other pills in mind…. You never know…

Have you taken any pills lately? Birth control, anti-stress or just panadol….

Imagine living in a true Malaysia Bolehland with Anti-“whatuwannitobe” pill available in the nearest pharmacy.