Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Holiday news

We said hello to Atuk in Sepang. Apparently he had gone back to his “tebang pisang n kemas kebun” just two weeks after his stay at IJN. We cannot say anything. He’s just so damn hard core son of a gun………hahaha… as long as he’s happy, its ok. Hope he’s not overdoing it.

Out of boredom, hubby n me tried our skill at declaring war with “nyamuk”. This time we were not that lucky. We only managed to kill a few. Our record is about 50. Will try again the next time we cross each others’ path. So long…. Suckerrrrrrrrrrr……

Sadly, yesterday we sold our Avanza. She had contributed so much to us. Nevertheless, life goes on. All the best with your new family. Sob! Sob! Will get another Toyota in the near future. Hmmm….

Was practicing netball few days ago when suddenly *&^%%^^%&*. Feel on my face…flat on the court. OUCH!!! Luckily I’m still pretty… its just my mouth. Its gonna be fine in a few more days. Can't smile that wide now though…ohhhh… still hurts.


asri said...

Sawadeekap ,

Avanza gone ? Nevermind , Murano coming up ... :p

regards ,

PS : I've posted some comments on the world cup blog too . A real "eye opener" for you Jun ... :p

Hot Mama said...

Wow banyaknya nyamuk dibunuh.. Hhaha!!! Anyway besarnye nyamuk tuu..