Monday, August 27, 2007

Cake Anyone?

Monster Mom is so busy that she's too tired to update. She has to accompany Atief which is attending his pre-school until 12.00 and then drive back home to prepare some meals and wait for Iman and Nana to return from their school. The house will be like a "war zone" when all the kids gather together against their Monster Mom. By 6pm, they want their dinner served and will be in their bed at 9pm. Monster Mom too will be in her doona, thinking about what to cook for the next day as well as planning some strategies on how to trick her chipmunks to follow her orders. Really need to read hubby's Sun Tzu's Art Of War book that's been lying around...hopefully that won't backfire.... The kids seems to know the tricks..... argghhh!!!!
This is life... until December. Can't wait to go back....

Nevertheless Monster Mom just wanna share some pics about Atief's cake making session.

Atief and Jessica

Natasya, Riley and Matthew

Cathy,Joanna, Meg and Phoebe.

Jemma and William

Mrs Mc Cotter

Snowman cake is ready

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Freezing fun

The kids were looking forward for their first encounter with snow. Since all of us had recovered from our so called "Gold Coast issues" we decided to go to Perisher Valley for some "white cum freezing cum windy" experience.

Being Atief, he wanted to go home just after 15 minutes of playing with the snow. Imagine how Iman and Nana felt about that!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Gold Coast Trip

During the last school holiday, we managed to go to the Gold Coast . The kids were so excited about it though they spent some 14 hrs of journey in the car! These are a few snaps of our trip.

Kids posing at Sea World

Ibu and Iman. Iman threw up after the ride... he was too sick but tried his very best to keep up with the rest of us. Poor Iman!

Ibu went up this while Ayah babysit the kids.

Atief was tired from all the walking but Ibu refused to carry him. Over to you Ayah!

They wanted to go to the beach though the water temp was 19 degress... Ok...

That's all they can managed... no more than that. The water was freezing. The had fun albeit the chill. Kids...

Atief just couldn't take it anymore... hahaha.....

On our last night, we had a nice dinner at Bali Hut - a restaurant in Twin Towns.

The trip was full of challenges. Iman, Ibu and Atief got sick. Ayah and Nana took care of us... And so Ayah had to drive all the way back just by himself this time... sorry hubby!!! Whatever it is, we had fun. The kids enjoyed it. That's all that matters. More pics at hubby's blog.