Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's playtime again

Last weekend hubby was still busy with his papers and so the kids and I decided to leave him at the college and go to this place called Kid Zone. Yeap! It's play time again... for them...

Luckily I had the chance to enjoy my latte .

I was even able to continue with my knitting project which eventually was halfly done.

Overall we had fun and as usual Atief slept all the way home.

There is another place called Kid City which is 10 times bigger than KidZone.... Iman especially will be thrilled when he knows about this.... shhhhh.. Maybe next week.. or next next week...

Monstermom...signing off...
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Golf Mania

It used to be hubby's passion. Now, it's my sons'. Luckily he didn't grab my daughter along with it. Well, at least I can bring Nana to my shopping spree while the boys go golfing. Every now and then they (the boys) will practice their swing at the nearby field. I’m counting on Iman to be a pro someday…. Atief needs more coaching judging from his posture….

I’m starting a WAG (Wives against Golf) club. Wanna join? More details about WAG club here.

A pose before practise

How about that swing?

He missed! Hihihi...

Good shot!

Be warned Tiger! Iman and Atief are coming!