Thursday, April 03, 2008

Monstermom is back !

Life’s been quite hard these past few months but I tried my very best to charge my brain with few tennis and football matches. I was glued in front of the tv last month for the Australian Open and am glad that I did even though it was at the expense of my kids. They complained to hubby that they were not allowed to play outside. No way! Not without my supervision.

Iman : How about today Ibu! Can we go cycling?

Ibu : Sorry, Nadal is playing and Justine will be up next. For your information, we won’t go anywhere for the rest of this week and next week since Australia Open is going to the 3rd round and all my favourite players are still in the game.

Iman : If that’s the case, can Nana and me play badminton in front of the house? Keep the door open so you could see us while we play… please..please

Ibu : I can’t do that! Look what hapenned to Sharlini.. do you want to be kidnapped like her?

Iman : No..

Ibu : In that case, you’ll have to play inside this house. There are lots of things that I bought to keep you, Nana and Atief entertained for the rest of the week…or even your entire life. ( I was holding myself not to smile…it was so hard!)

Iman : This is not fair! You can’t do this to us!

Ibu : Watch me!

Iman : I’m telling Ayah about this.

Ibu : I think you’d better save your voice Iman. You know how much your Ayah likes to watch tennis with me….HAHAHAHA!!!!

Iman : You are so mean! I’m calling TokMak and Tok Wan!

You must think I’m a bad mother….
Nadal lost…hhmmm….
I am a Monstermom….

p/s - Sony Ericsson Open is going to the semis..... Muahahaha!!! And this time Nadal is still alive and kicking baby!


blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Macam pernah baca la entri ini...

MiraShaza said...

hai monstermom. it's my 1st time here,.. Wah, have a great way to keep ur kids at home eh?

Titicaca said...

tumpang simpati pada anak2 itew..hahaha...