Thursday, November 06, 2008

Friends Forever

I got a message from Wan. She wanted to meet me. Back in 1984 we were classmates of Standard 5 Kekwa. I called her today and that was the first time we spoke to each other in 14 years. It was awkward.

She came to my house and we met. We clicked instantly. I can still remember how she smiled seeing my collection of our school days photos. We talked like there's no tomorrow.

Friends forever. Thank you Wan Teh!

It was only after she drove off that I remembered to grab my camera. Obviously it was too late but then again I know that we'll meet again since she's teaching nearby....


Queen Of The House said...

Friendships are definitely to be treasured. And with some friends, you can instantly pick up where you left off ... isn't that great?

cakapaje said...

Salam Junita,

Coincidentally, regarding friendship, bloggers are meeting this Nov29 at The Curve, Damansara, lunchtime onwards. Please, feel free to join us. Details at my entry Bloggers Meet Nov29. Hope to see you there.

Adry said...

friends forever.. hehehe