Saturday, October 25, 2008


Since her arrival, life has been busier. As I walk down the stairs every morning, I can already hear her scream to be let into the house and hence, her breakie. Iman is given the responsibility of taking care of her especially in the event of poo-clearing, bathing as well as vacuuming the carpet. Atief no longer cries for me whenever he wakes up in the morning but will run down the stairs to greet CheeChuq with his usual Assalamualaikum. Nana on the other hand will try to help around especially in playing-with-Cheechuq matter. When hubby returns from work, he'll search for CheeChuq and sometimes forgetting that Atief has been hiding behind the door waiting to be found for almost 5 mins!

Welcome CheeChuq. It's only been 2 weeks but your presence surely made a big change in our daily life.

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Lisajoehari said...

oh she is cute!!!!!!!