Thursday, October 16, 2008


The other day I was just browsing the sports channel to see whether they have anything interesting. Ch 811 - Baseball. Ch 812 - American Football. Ch 813 - Golf. Great! I've never been to America and I'm more keen towards European sports especially football. In order to appreciate the first two sports, you really have to stay in USA while you have to play golf to love it.

I'm not anti American-based sports but relatively speaking, Yes. I love their movies and TV series though...
For the time being, I don't really like golf until maybe one day if hubby decides to grant me the opportunity to start my first lesson.... Pleaseeee!!!


cakapaje said...

Salam MM,

If you ask me, I would say 'Please don't'. Believe me, Golf can be addictive, worse than fishing! Its a great game though, but it is something difficult to wean off. Unless, off course, you are in it for business.

CJCM said...

I have this feeling that you will love golf once you get your hands dirty and your feet wet at the driving range and subsequently the golf course.

Hubby... the golf ball is in your green! 1 shot for par... or birdie? He he