Monday, May 24, 2010


A question that has been ringing constantly in my brain since last week - What will I wear?????

Hubby and me will be going for an official dinner next week... which spells BOORRIINNGG all over the place. First of all, it will start with men and women mingling around. Some looking as radiant and over-dressed as usual, some laughing endlessly to some lawak sekupang and some will stand and stare looking blank to the max!

And me? Don't worry about me. Am sure to find few friends whom I haven't met for a few years. Questions, Gossips, Statements!!!!!

And then starts the official ones. The gong... the toast to the VVVVIPPPsss, ladies..bla bla. But the food - I like! Music... hmm.. so so...

Later, the PMC will announce the end of the official part and... hmm..
Here comes bully-the-most-junior-in-the-hall time ( poor him - whoever u may be ), karaoke, pocong pocong and stuff.

And me? Don't worry about me.. I'll try to entertain myself with all the bling bling, lagu sumbang, lost wives, men looking at you-know-what...

I'll be fine. I 'll call hubby once in 5 minutes just to be make sure that he doesn't forget that I'm there too..... hoping that he'll switch his phone on.

But then again, I don't think I have anything nice to wear. Time to go shopping!!! Thank you Uncle LEE!!!!!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Monster Mom, ha ha, love your lively sense of humour. And Holy Smoke! I love the pic of that gorgeous SYT in last pic in that air-cond cocktail dress. Sure a traffic stopper and wives pinching husbands looks.

Okay, you got nothing to wear for the function....with your attractive looks and ahemmm, figure, go get something similar to that last pic in here....the one with the SYT inside, ha ha.
Buat orang semua tersedak! Arhaaaa ha ha.

You described the coming social function very well. I for one dislike going to these functions...especially when there's VIPS....followed by boring speeches.
But then, there's always the drinks and women to admire....
Which table will you be at? *wink*
You have fun, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart.

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