Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grunters Of Today

Maria Sharapova is judged the loudest grunter so far. At Wimbledon on Tuesday, defending champion Sharapova shattered her own personal record with a grunt of 101.2db - almost as loud as a police siren heard at close-quarters or a lion's 110 decibel roar.

Monica Seles registered 93.2 decibels, while Serena Williams, 88.9 decibels.

On the other hand, rising star Michelle Larcher de Brito's wails at the French Open could be heard three courts away, and justifiably caused her to be booed off court by spectators.

Today's grunting among female tennis stars is the norm rather than the exception. Let's see who is the best grunter amongst the world's top women players.

* Maria Sharapova 101

* Monica Seles 93.2

* Serena Williams 88.9

* Lindsay Davenport 88

* Venus Williams 85

* Victoria Azarenka 83.5

* Elena Bovina 81

* Anna Kournikova 78.5

* Kim Clijsters 75

* Elena Dementieva 73

Well, I'm fine with grunts. If you think it's too loud, just press "Mute". End of story.

And so my friends, do you think something needs to be done to govern the level of noise on the courts or just let them be?

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