Friday, August 15, 2008

Anniversary Gift - Part II

Tomorrow morning, I'll be going for our 10th anniversary holiday with hubby. We'll be back in two weeks time....

Thank you for visiting my blog and please pray for my safe holiday!

Bye and chiao!!!


Tie said...

Amboi...2 minggu holiday..jelesnya..bawak anak2 sekali ke? kalau berdua tentu lagi romantik..he he..

gravtkills said...

pi mana nie

U.Lee said...

Hi Monster mom, have a wonderful, safe holiday.
Wow! You driving a BMW now...beautiful car too, and red.
Saw your post re coincidence I posted about rambutans too, previous posting.
Anywat, you have a great weekend, Lee.

13may said...

happy 10th anniversary & happy holidays kak ju :)

gravtkills said...

list of things to do to e36:
18inch rims
lowering springs
sports absorbers
anti roll bars
strut bars

hmm apa lagi eh