Thursday, July 10, 2008

Le Tour De Spain

How about it. Spanish people are on a happy track. They won Euro 08 and then Nadal hammered RF in Wimbledon. I'm not Spanish. I'm a Malaysian.

Sports wise, I'm happy. Nicol is squash World No 1, our badminton players are training hard, our national men's recurve archers is ranked fourth in the world, Qabil Ambak is riding with a smile ahead his world cup hope and our bowling team did well in Hong Kong.

Political wise, not happy.


cakapaje said...


Political wise, very few people are happy. But take it on the bright side, darkness, always ends with the coming of light.

akakerin said...

Hai MM
tengah buat apa tu?

katakbesar said...

politics in Malaysia
is very interesting to watch nowadays
hey, it's like watching dramas on tele, isn't it?

economy in Malaysia
always has interdependent with politics
hopefully, it would get worsen

Malaysia (masih) Boleh!

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Politik kita, maksud saya ahli politik kita, macam badut!

13may said...

errr...kalo ada apa2 yg tak puas hati...kita boleh debat :D

Monster Mom said...

cakap - what if the light is just the far away...

akak - rite now i'm relaxing...hihi

katak - almost everything depend on it economy, fuel, school...etc... and it is sad when u can't really do anything about it other than complain and blog...

bp - badut at least buat kita happy!!

13M - nak debat bole tapi..13M make sure jangan berbuit mulut tu ek! nanti MM muntah laer...errr!!!