Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Accident

Yesterday was challenging. After preparing the meal, I went to pick my son up from his Kindergarten and came back. After 1.5 hrs, I went out to pick my daughter up from school and came back to the house again. Soon after they had their lunch and a bit of rest for more than an hour, we had to go out again to pick my eldest son up from school for he had to stay back for his co-curriculum activity.

Then it happened. A JKR lorry was parked by the road side which blocked my view when I wanted to cross over from the school area. I saw a motorcycle coming and after it passed I slowly drove and BAMMM!!! Another motorcycle hit my "lorry". I didn't see it coming.... Luckily the motorcycle was not that fast... I was so shaken but luckily all of us were buckled up....

I quickly got off the car and apologized to the rider and offered to pay for the damages that he had to suffer... To cut it short, we went to the nearby mechanic and fortunately it only costs me RM28. The real damage would be our lorry which had quite a bent at its front bumper.... I'm not sure how much it will cost!

All this happened when hubby is not around. He's in KL... will be back tomorrow....

I needed to divert my attention from the incident and so I :-

Managed to finish another novel.

Watched Soleha on Ch 119 Astro

Witnessed how Ivanovic was tested to her limits and the exit of Pak Djoko from Wimbledon.

Lastly, cursing by myself as Turkey went down to Germany at the last minute.

What goes around comes around... The statistics of Turkey were amazing but in the end, the team that managed to put the ball into the net wins no matter how pretty the stats are....
No doubt the team of the tournament will be Turkey.
I'm counting on Spain to meet the Germans this time....

p/s - the car in the photo is NOT mine...hehehe..


Anonymous said...

what a great coping mechanism...LOL!


j or ji said...

Tobat dia tak nampak dented tu nanti!
nway..Ivanovic main 3 jam lebih dan masih nampak cantik! :P mena syok layan game tu malam tadi..

Turks kalah i terpaksa terima..tapi bila siaran tergendala dan kene dengar Shebby menyusun strategi untuk German pada jam 4 pagi,i takleh terima!

Akak said...

Salam kenal & salam ziarah, best tak novel "cause of death", what is the story about?

Tie said...

Hmm tak pernah baca novel dari P.Corwell.. Best tak ?

katakbesar said...

i love the last line the most

the trauma, will be with you
for quite sometime, if not forever
but, it will turn to be a good thing though
i.e. become more alert and cautious

U.Lee said...

Hi Mom, I was about to exclaim, Holy Smoke! You driving an Aston Martin DBS when read your mentioned 'not mine', ha ha. Pity, wish it was yours. And not damaged, ha ha.
Glad you guys not hurt...and damage neglible. And that motorcyclist too.
Here in Canada, 22 years driving, and tiga kali my Lincoln car got hit!
By lady drivers, ha ha.
One some years back, a lady driving a Mercedes backed into my car. Then two years ago, a new China immigrant, new driving lisence also reversed into my car.
Then last year, a Philippino lady reversed into my car too.
The last one was a bad one, she driving a big SUV, damage about $3000. She paid.
I am wondering about lady drivers reversing talents, ha ha. Two were talking on the h/phones and did not look!! Cheeee!
Wow, you are into sports, bet you going to be glued to the TV when the Olympics starts, huh? Me too.
You stay easy and have a nice day, Lee.

Nal3sa @ Joeina said...

wah, tipah tertipu. was thinking, lorry what lorry? that was one nice sports car u have there, then read the p/s. aiyo!

my guess ur lorry muct be an mpv, huh? hope your man wont blame u 4 the accident. u know how guys are. most care about d car more than d wife! some men that is. not mine or urs... heheheh ;)

Maverick SM said...

With the damages shown and the motorcyclist is unhurt, the repair for the bike only RM28, that motorcyclist must have been very lucky and your car very unlucky.

Anyway, as long as nobody is hurt, all is well. Minor accidents are bound to happen as part of our life.