Saturday, May 10, 2008

I read I eat and screaammmmm

Readings for the week

Sweat sour for the kids and masak lemak for hubby
As for me, I wallop both....


U.Lee said...

Hello Monster mom, happy mother's day to you.
Was over at Pi Bani's blog noticed your callsign and busybody over.
Wow, any leftovers of that ikan and nasi lemak. I love both.
I love that ikan goreng where you put chillie sambal in its body. I can polish off tiga ikan like that.
When looking for a wife, I would ask the ladies I dated whether they can make that ikan sambal?
Only one said 'yes'. But she actually didn't know how. Dia tipu saya, ha ha. BUT, she immediately got a Malay lady friend to teach or show her....itu la dia, If I did not ask, I would be a bachelor.
Da makan her ikan chillie goreng, I lost my Bachelor's degree, she won her Masters, ha ha.
I bet you a gourmet cook too.
Come to think of it, I almost married a lovely Malay lady too...she beautiful and a fantastic cook. Lagi pun dia perumpuan Kelantan, very fair, and I only understand 3/4 of her strong Kelantan accent, ha ha.
Oh well, you stay easy and have a beautiful Sunday. Lee.

IBU said...

Uisshhhh....sedapnya !!!


j or ji said...

lain macam pokat eh gulai tu!
nampak marvellous.hehe..

glory glory Man Utd. saja kasi kumpul lagi ramai geng MU kat blog..senang nak counter attack supporter team lain .hah!

Yatie said...

frankly.... penatkan masak and jaga budak