Monday, July 30, 2007

The cleaning epic

Our playgroup decided to do some cleaning to the place since it was our turn... which was a month due. A few of us managed to make it. I never knew cleaning could be fun... when you do it with your friends and not ALONE!

This is Gill drying a baby toy or was she playing with it? I can't remember.

This is Melissa trying to carry something....

This is Mel tidying up a corner.... happily....

Yvette was trying to pose for me but decided to look the other way at the last minute!

Our group photo.

And as a token, we got this from Gill. Yummy!!

I came back at 9.30pm to this. Courtesy of the kids....How nice!

You want to know why the did that. Because they did this earlier in the day...

And you guys were still wondering why I call myself MONSTERMOM!


Sunan_Jati said...

disini sunan ingin mengucapkan slamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan.. errr


ngehehhehe ....

Cosmic_GurL said... will be kids..kalau tak ganas, bukan kids namanyer :P

drNO said...

i am a monsters mom too...hehhehe
have to used plastic plates only (so...a big no, no to corelle, arcopal, etc).
n my furnitures are either broken or torn apart.

13may said...

hoh! berkecai meja!

hahha :D