Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Book Addict

Few weeks ago I went to the library at hubby’s college and realised how I missed browsing and walking around books. I really enjoyed the smell of it, the beauty of it being in order and the ambiance of the library itself. The last time I was in such a place was ages ago. I came across books which I used to carry around university and books that I hated most. It brings back wonderful memories of being a student with only one thing in mind, to graduate.

Hello! Earth to Monstermom!

Back to book business. Second hand books are cheap in Australia. I usually shop for it at the garage sales or Sunday Markets. Books will be the first thing on my checklist. As for now, I’m proud to announce that I’ve almost completed collecting Patricia Cornwell’s novels which cost me not more than $5 each. I even got some of the hardcover books at $1. Next will be Tom Clancy, Jodi Picoult and Anita Shreve.

Most of the ladies that I know would go crazy over Royal Doulton, Corningware, crystals and stuff. I’m just the opposite of it. It doesn’t matter as long as I’m happy…

Atief enjoying the toys

Cheap books

I got these for a total of $2.50

My Patricia Cornwell

Hubby's Tom Clancy

Superman got tired after flying around Sunday Market with Ibu


ontahsapo said...

buku dgn toys jer ker...?

13may said...

mcm tu ka superman tidoq....:))

manjlara said...

hullaa!!! wish mesia pon ade jual buku2 lambak camni arr....

lollies said...

jelesnyaaaa. kat sini buku seriyesnya mahal and tak ada jual 2nd handlak tu

bang_gugar said...


tolong!.. tolong!..

*mana supamen ni?.. la.. tdur rpanya..*



L.S. Alves said...

Books are the best deal. Ever. Don't you know brazilian books?
Hugs from Brasil.

elviza said...

Oh the books.... I could go one ages on this topic. Better not start or else you ll throw me out of your blog!

Reading my friend, is a journey. That I strongly believe.

Kisses to the adorable kids

Jo said...

Oh I'm so jealous! So many books to look at! We're real bookworms here too and it sounds like you got some good deals. ;)

Thank you for commenting on my blog and definately check into payperpost and loudlaunch as well. Easy way to make a few extra dollars and maybe buy your own digital camera? shhhhhh. LOL

LOVE this blog!!!